Monday, 21 November 2011

Versace for H&M

Thursday was the first day when the new collection of Versace for H&M came out,it was one more famous designer who worked for this Swedish brand.To be honest,It is really cool when just an average person can afford this luxury and can be closer to the world of high fashion.
This collection was really bright and exciting!Firstly,I didn't want even to go to the store that day cause I remember the sale of Lanvin collection and it was a really crazy!All collection was bought up in an hour,there was  real buying fever!That is why I asked girls with whom I am working in Grazia to buy me what I want beforehand,but to my great suprise when I came to the store at 3pm there were not so many people and the collection was quietly hanging on the pegs.
This time I bought only a bracelet but there were really beautiful dresses.I liked black&leather collection and also bright skirts that would be nice with simple white shirt)
So here are some pictures)


  1. I like versace collections for h&m! i love the studs, simple and yet glamorous!


  2. слишком высокопарная коллекция - не каждой девушке подходит. а через пару лет эти вещи нельзя уже будет носить, слишком читаемые они, будет видно, что это устаревшая коллекция.
    но тем не менее, брендомания по всему миру процветает. вот тому подтверждение: