Tuesday, 30 August 2011

bye Paris

Today I am already at home and can only remember our hollidays in Paris with the tears of happiness!It was really amazing and we spent there a fantastic time!When people says that they don't love Paris I can't understand them at all!Because during this month I loved this city!I loved the people there,the buildings,the streets,cafes and shops that always are closed)!I adore this city!I fell there like I am at home!And yesterday coming real home in Moscow I was jaded like the place where I was living all my life is not my home,somebody's else home bu not mine!I only can hope that someday I again will return to the place that I loved and that I can call my home in soul.
See u,Paris!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

more photos

Looking through amazing photos from Paris decided to show some of them that weren't the part of my previous posts)

This is the look that I had some days ago when we were walking in the Tuileries garden)
trousers from zara and shirt from nafnaf,headband-aldo


I always was loving mini coopers and here you can see it at every step but most of all I liked here the old version of mini cooper)some kind of vintage)

And of course finally we again visited la duree)cakes there are really divine!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

last minute shopping

Finally I have the balance zero on my credit card)So now I can show you my last purchases from Paris)It is really an ideal place to spend your money and making a good bargain)

At last I bought the Ipod touch with this amazing bright case)
As In Moscow the rainy weather is a tradition I bought this rainy boots in some Paris shop-andre

Also this small clutch from gap)I adore studs!!!)
As in Moscow it is a real execution everyday to go very early to the University wich is situated far from my house I decided that it will be easy to do it with this Longchamp back pack
This is the continuation of buying up of silk shirts from zara)I do really like its collar

This is an amazing jacket with stars!It is not mine)My friend bought it in some paris shop and I couldn't not to show you it as it remains me the las collection od dolce&gabbana!)Hope you saw it as it is really worth watching)

Friday, 26 August 2011

finally we reached the top

Finally we reached the top of the Eiffel Tower!We were trying to do it for 3 days and always were coming too late but today we did it but of course exactly today was a rainy and cold weather)But actually it couldn't spoil the amazing view at a heigh of the "bird's flight" of so adorable and magnificent city!)

Today I was wearing my asos dress with converse and jeans zara jacket


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

vogue paris

Also yesterday I bought a new Vogue Paris with Charlotte Casiraghi on the cover I did really like this magazine or more exactly the pictures in it because with my level of french it was really hard to understand the articles in it but I honestly tried to do it)And the price of the magazine was raised because of the enclosed t-shirt for fashion night out that will take place on 8th of september,unfortunately I will be already in Moscow(Of course there also will be the FNO but do not think that in our country it is successful and worth visiting,it is just my opinion)


Vogue Paris September


Yesterday we were in the magic town and spent there the whole day!It was amazing and we had a really good time!)Again I understood that Disneyland is the heaven for all ages.Now Dianeyland consists of two parks:The Disneyland and The Walt Disney Studious)That day we really came into taste!It was super cool!)Also there are a lot of cute shops with clothes of princess and sweet delicacies like candy apples and huge lollipops)

lacy dress

Bought one more amazing lacy dress in h&m)The funny thing is that that day I also was wearing my white lacy dress from zara)So you can never have enough of those!)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

slack ballet master

Paris is one of the most important city in fashion.Here were born lots of very famous designers who draw the inspiration from the street style of this wonderful city.Today I won't say about girl's street style as I couldn't estimate it in full but I saw enough to describe the men's style)And here we decided to call it "slack ballet master"_)Because lots of men remain us Nikolay Tsiskaridze)Namely unshaven face and dishevelled hairs and the same I can say about their clothes)But do not think that I am just laughing sometimes they looked really stylish)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

chateaux de la Loire

Today we were on the excursion to the chateaux de la Loire where lots of kings in the 16th century were building their huge castles)Every property consists of an enormously huge castle and  also an incredibly enormous garden.Today we visited the hugest castle Chenonceau,the lady's castle-Chambord and also the Blois)It was amazing though the weather was rainy and in the bus in front of us was sitting some strange  "tubercular patient")Also today I read a lot about Diane de Poitiers,she was a real bitch nevertheless she was a powerful woman whom everybody was respecting and all kings were loving her!Awesome lady)

Today I was wearing my new zara trousers,shirt with Coco Chanel-bought last year in London,lovely converse and now broken bag asos)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Some days ago we wanted to visit Montmartre  and we wanted to go there by velo but in the morning when we were trying to rent the bike I understood that I even do not have enough money on my credit car)thanks to successful shopping)So today we went there on foot and on the way there we found ourselves in some strange district and that it is why we returned by bus))And the Montmartre with Sacre Coeur were amazing!

This shirt some days ago I bought in zara)Did you know that they now are making them from silk not polyester!Because of it I nearly bought up all zara)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

splendid Versailles

Yesterday we went to the Versailles,in the morning the weather was rainy but it didn't stop us to visit one of the most gorgeous gardens in the world)It was froggy and when we were crossing the Seine we saw the Eiffel Tower it was like a ghost)Then we finally reached the Versailles,it was full of tourists!But the sight was staggering!)There were lots of fountains and we were sitting on the grass looking at the huge fish in the water)All in all, we were having a really great time)Also yesterday we went to the club but about it I will hush up)
Here are some photos)

I was wearing h&m skirt,top-asos,cardigan-Lafayette,flats-marc jacobs

Friday, 12 August 2011


Today we finally visited the most famous confectionary- "La Duree" where we bought very delicious  French macaroni and also a cake with cream of the taste of rose!C'est tres delicieux!!)