Friday, 27 April 2012


The weather in Moscow is becoming warmer and warmer that is really cool!Even in the jacket it is hot already)And it is so hard to sit on the borning courses when the weather is so good!I'd love to walk all days long)
Also I really love my new collar and I put it on with my every clothes!Now it is zara lace dress)

Now I have an amazing internship but sometimes I really miss my work and friends from uterque! So I decided to show you some photos from there!I think that it is a good place where you can find really stylish clothes!)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


So finally in Moscow it is warm!Everybody is taking off their coats and starting to wear summer bright looks with flats and sandals. It is a real pleasure to walk in a sunny weather, I really missed it during grey and dull winter)
Here I am wearing hm shirt)

Also on Sunday I was with my friends who have an amazing vintage shop, you can have a look and even order something) There are a lot of gorgeous jewellery and sometimes they even have Givenchy or Balenciaga. At that day they gave me a box with broken items that they were going to throw away!Of corse I couldn't resist and took a lot of stuff from there. On the first picrure are my favourites!
the shop:

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Oh,I am really waiting for the may weekends!I am so bored with my university!I am dreaming already about my trip to the USA)Yesterday I was on the Birthday of my friend's daughter)We had a really great time!We were talking till  5 o'clock in the morning)

massimo dutti jacket,I like it's mint color)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Moscow fashion week in Vogue UK

Russian Days
LONDON, Paris, New York and Milan may be the world's most famous fashion destinations, but renowned journalist Gianluca Longo explains why Russia is the industry's new style spot. Here, he reports from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia, which took place last week in Moscow.

"Russian fashion is evolving and taking its own stake in the international panorama. With many young fashion designers emerging, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Russia has become the starting point for many - giving new talents exposure to international press and buyers.
Russians love the luxury market, and - when in Moscow - it's extraordinary to see the number of expensive cars, designer and luxury jewellery stores, as well as the way the locals wear full catwalk looks. However, at Fashion Week, I found there was less bling and more character there than I expected - with looks fit for any Tolstoy heroine, as well as minimal, austere capes and playful dresses."
The best debut collection was by Dima Neu. Every look was strong in cut and material with some excellent menswear in the mix.
Julia Nikolaeva's show had a bohemian theme with oversized jackets, baggy trousers and floaty dresses. It was well styled, with woolly hats and fingerless gloves. 
Flower prints are a popular pattern in Russian traditional costumes and I liked the way Dasha Gauser used it for her clothes. 
The collars by Olga Shikhova were definitely the best accessories of the week - in patent, heavy silk or vinyl. 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

visa approved

Finally my visa to the USA is approved!!I am so happy, I am ready to pack my suitcase)Now with all my thoughts I am already there even can't think about my university! So I suppose to fly away on 4th of June then to work for three months and the main aim is to spend the whole september in New York!And on 29th of september to return back!I am sure that this summer will be unforgettable!
Here is my look with my new Marni hm collar and hm dress)

Friday, 13 April 2012


Sometimes I think that it is hard to find the university more boring than mine!Thanks god I have something to do on my internship!Now I not only help everybody in the editorial office but also help to choose clothes for different shootings,we go to Moscow's biggest market Tsum and take the clothes there.It is kinda fun)
Also for my mum's Birthday I bought her a ring of Michael Kors as it remains me Bvlgari ring about wich she was dreaming so I think it is a good replacement) And a few days ago my friends finally gave me my Birthday present it is Michael Kors watch about wich I was dreaming!They are gorgeous I'll truy to leave them till summer. And my last purchase is a hm marni collar!It was impossible to buy it in Moscow so I bought it through ebay)I think it is really stylish)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

yudashkin fashion show

The volvo fashion week opened with Valentin Yudashkin.I was there with two of my friends,honestly I love Volvo fashion week more than Mercedes as it is situated in the center of the city and also the organisation is better.I like the Valentin Yudashkin show,liked the music,the huge runway and the gravity.I liked the clothes,some of the dresses I'd love to wear but some suits seemed to me not original and boring.All in all the show was successful and I'd love to see more such runway shows in Moscow.

I was wearing my new black uterque dress)But the photos are so terrible that I show you just the aftershow photos))

Sunday, 1 April 2012

more presents

Still getting some present for my Birthday)This time it is cool watch with two wristlets of black and dark red colors and there is also a small diamond!I totally love them!)

 I bought the shoes of bright blue color with a small heel!I think that they combine comfort and beauty)They are from hm that's why they are also not expensive!)Great deal!