Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fashion score of the russian season

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia fall-winter 2012-2013 in Moscow has come to anend. From March, 21st to the 25th, 2012, allthe generations of Russian fashion wererepresented on the runways of the greatestfashion event in Eastern Europe - from thelegendary Slava Zaitsev, to whose fiftiethanniversary of creative work the first day ofthe fashion marathon was dedicated, toyoung, yet talented, designers.
The twenty-fourth Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia turned out to be a record in many ways: 73 designers from Russia, Great Britain, Peru, Belarus and Ukraine took part in the fashion shows. The number of looks varied from 20 to 80 and the total came to more than 1500 looks. Fashion admirers from over 30 countries all over the world watched live broadcasts on the Fashion week website or on the partner websites: more than 280 thousand unique users of the Internet from the USA, Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, Australia, Israel, China, India, CIS countries and even Pakistan watched what was happening on the runways ofMercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. This proves that Fashion Week was, as always, at the centre of attention in the international fashion community. Fashion professionals from all around the world - buyers, designers and trendsetters - came to take part in the fall-winter season of the Week. Over 1200 Russian journalists and over 100 approved foreign reporters and bloggers were covering Fashion Week. Reportages fromMercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia have already appeared on the pages the web-site of ItalianVogue, in the news section on, in the most popular German fashion blog and on hundreds of other sites. Those who didn't make it to the event in person could imagine themselves as first-row spectators of the most memorable shows ofMercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia thanks to the live broadcasts on TV and the Internet.

Lena Tsokalenko

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia continued the fashion itinerary of the fall-winter 2012-2013 season, started by the leading world Fashion weeks - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin andMercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, whose title partner is also the premium class automobile brand. From 21 to 25 March new collections were presented at the Congress Centre of the World Trade Center by the best designers of the post-Soviet area: SlavaZaitsev,TatianaParfionova, VivaVox, BESSARION, DashaGauser, YuliaNikolaeva, SultannaFrantsuzova, KhakaMa, Tegin,YegorZaitsev, BORODULIN'S, LEONIDALEXEEV, POUSTOVIT, BΛSHΛRΛTYΛNV, Sh.O(ShikhovaOlga),aninaVekhteva, MariaGolubeva and many others. The headliners of the foreign program of Fashion Week were American designer VonVonniand two vivid creative duets - a famous British brand Basso&Brooke andadLbyCengizAbazoğlu- a collaborative project of the popular Turkish brand adL and the 'King of evening fashion,' Cengiz Abazoğlu. The audience's particular interest was piqued by 'ILoveFashion'show, presented by the international channel FashionTV- it was opened by AnnaChapman, and the models of the show were actress OlgaZaitseva, TV host OlgaGroznaya, ballerinas IngGinkevich and MariaSemenyachenko. At the shows ofMercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in the World Trade Centre, top-model MariaMogsolova, the face of Fashion TV Worldwide, was also on stage.
The opening of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, which took place in TSUM department store, was unusual compared with what is used to be like – there were no speeches or ceremonies. The biggest fashion event of Eastern Europe started the way it should – with the presentation of one of the most successful Russian-speaking designers in the world – VonVonni (USA). Dresses by Von Vonni are worn by many Hollywood stars, likeBritneySpears,KateHudson,KimKardashyanand famous Russian fashionistas like EvelinaKhromchenkoandViktoriaDaineko.The guests of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in TSUM saw in the dozen dresses of the American designer a palette of elegant outfits for any occasion – from cocktail dresses to evening gowns, from soft pastel colours to intense burgundy and maroon shades.
The main character of the first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia was SlavaZaitsev, who is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of his creative work this spring. The Week started with a great fashion show 'Associations'. The legendary designer, who actually started contemporary Russian fashion, received congratulations from the guests and participants of the Week and from his pupils, who dedicated their works to their beloved teacher. Symbolically, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia all three generations of the Zaitsev dynasty performed - on the 25th of MarchYegorZaitsev presented his new collection, and on the 24th was the début of Vyacheslav Zaitsev's granddaugher,MarusyaZaitseva.
One can be certain that young talented designers have a brilliant future by simply looking at the example of the British brand BASHARATYANV, which débuted at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia just last season. Veronika Basharatyan, not so long ago thought to be a novice in the fashion scene, recently made herself known so confidently that she attracted the attention of the biggest world stars - the guest of her show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia fall-winter 2012-2013 was Italian film diva and style icon OrnellaMuti. The actress came to Moscow in order to be among the first ones to see the collection by Veronika, who she met in Milan. There were a lot of gifted débutantes announced in the programme of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, including DIMANEU - the winner of the first season of the Russian version of 'Project Runway'. Young designers performed both in the framework of separate shows and presentations and in collective shows. Apart from that, the audience could get acquainted with new Belarus fashion at the gala show BelarusFashionWeek.
Photo diaries and detailed reports on every show of the Fashion week are available on server online:

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

still winter

It is 29th March already...The weather must be really warm and sunny but what do we have here in Moscow?The snow is everywhere the temperatute is under 0.Today I was even wearing my sheepskin coat and the sweater!I also put on my uggs!Does March know that it is spring??!)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

fashion shows on Mercedes Benz

So these last days I  visited lots of fashion shows, it was really awesome because I love this atmosphere of runway and models walking on it!Also there were so many stylish people,it is an amazing time for inspiration)
But honestly on some shows I was a little bit shocked and I hadn't knew was it better for me to cry or to laugh!Of course I am not the best critic but this is just my own opinion.Further,I'd like to mention the terrible organisation!I am not fastidious and I am kinda calm but some people did really make me angry and made me raice my voice.But all in all I am so excited and it is a great honour for me to be there)

Tomorrow will be the last day but I am not sure that I can go  that's why now I 'd like to show you some photos of the shows that are worth mentioning)

This is Viva Vox show.It was a little bit in the style of Moschino but anyway I liked it!)

Dasha Gauser.Everybody loved this wonderful red dress!)

Sultanna Frantsuzova.Her inspiration for this show was Paris

Tatiana Parfionova

Basso&Brooke.I looooved the prints!They were so bright and unusual!This clothes helps us to shine out from the routine of the black colour!))

I fell in love with this trousers! I like the houndstooth print)

Everyday I was trying to put on something stylish but all the time I was feelling that my look is not good enough!Yesterday I was wearing my zara shirt and zara skirt.

This is my friend who went with me!I really love her style!She has a great sense of fashion
After the shows we were so exhausted that went to the cafe and had some cappuccio and cheesecake!
We had a great time!I'd like to thank the organizers of Mercedes Benz Fashion week for inviting me!Thank you!
Now I am waiting for Volvo Fashion week!See you there!)))

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Volvo Fashion week

So I have already told you a lot about Mercedes Benz fashion week(but it doesn't mean that I will stop as now I have an opportunity to visit it and today I was on the show but I'll tell you about it later)Now I'd like to introduce you Volvo Fashion Week as it is also very important in the world of Russian fashion and it will take place a little bit later.

Volvo Fashion week in Moscow(4th April-9th April)

In the beginning of April in the heart of Moscow will be XXVII season of Volvo Fashion week.This is the most authoritative event in the fashion industry. The organizer of it is the association of the high fashion and Net-a-Porter and the government of Moscow supports it.
This season lots of famous russian designers will show their collections and also the new generation of the young designers.
4 April the XXVII season of Volvo Fashion week in Moscow will open Valentin Yudashkin later there will be such designers as Alena Akhmadullina,Dmitry Loginov,Kirill Gasilin,Daria Razumikhina,Victoria Andrianova and others.
Also XXVII season of Volvo Fashion week for the first time in Russia will present new car Volvo Concept You.It will show how Volvo sedan is going to develop in the future.
Volvo Fashion week in Moscow has been supported lots of new young talents and this season it continues to collaborate with the fund «Russian silhouette»: there will be three participants who won the competition and got the opportunity to show their collections.
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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia online

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