Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Sometimes I am dreaming that director of the net-a-porter web site offers me to choose the clothes of one brand and get it for free and thinkig for a few minutes I decided that it would be Miu Miu. I think that it's clothes is so fresh, bright and young but at the same there are classic pieces in pastel colors.
Also the bags are very casual and roomy





Shoes?Of course Christian Louboutin!Who else!I will always dreaming about a pair of these amazing shoes, doesn't matter flats or heels! They all are ideal, not quite comfortable for russian public transport but I will still dream about them)


 I adore Alexander McQueen. My love to this brand is endless. There are a lot of gorgeous and luxurious evening dresses and shoes but they unfortunately don't suit my  everyday life but scarves and jewellery are perfect)


Other brands are:
Burberry Prorsum with it's amazing coats




Jil Sander


and lots of other brands that I hope to have some day!)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

2 weeks

2 weeks of studing and casual style. No heels or mini skirts, just studing during the night and trousers&shirts are the main outfit till the end of all exams.

trousers&shirt-massimo dutti,bag-asos

Sunday, 20 May 2012


On Friday I quit Harper's Bazaar, honestly it was hard because I was trying to be there for a really long time!But hope that I will have an opportunity to come back in october. I even do not regret that my trip to the USA doesn't let me to get a normal job because this 4months journey means a lot to me and now I just can't wait for it! But firstly my exams and a I am starting to prepare for it because I will have them in a week and all the exams will be during one week))cool!)
Here is my look some days ago
shirt&skirt-zara, shoes-uterque, ring-asos, necklace-ann taylor

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

parrot bright dress

Look what an amazing dress I found in h&m! It is so bright and colourful, I really adore it! The only thing that stopped me from buying it is the material, synthetic materials are not quite good for a warm summer. But anyway I have these photos and can admire it all days long! Hope you like it too!))

Friday, 11 May 2012

fashion illustrations

Today I want to show you an amazin blog that I found!I always have been seeing different awesome fashion illustrations in some blogs or groups and finally I found the source! It is blog http://www.inslee.net/blog, I really love these pictures!When I started saving photos to show you I couldn't even stop!I Wish I could draw the same way)
So enjoy!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

end of everything

Today is 9th of May, it is a great occasion in our country! Congratulations to all of my readers!
The name of the post today is the end of everything and I called it that way because now I have the end of my 3rd year of education and preterm session is so soon also I think that because of it in a week I'll quit my internship in Harper's Bazaar that was really amazing and I will be so glad to come back there next year, I got a lot of experience there!And finally every day my trip to the USA is closer and closer!And it makes me really happy!!
So this is a look some days ago)
my t-shirt and trousers-zara

 there is a bee on this photo!)ha-ha