Thursday, 17 November 2011


Very often in Grazia we are taking clothes from different shops and after go to photo studia where we are shooting this splendid clothes.This time there was clothes of Dolce&Gabbana,YSL,Louis Vuitton,Salvatore Ferragamo,Chanel,Emporio Armani,Barbara Bui and etc.Here some photos))


Louis Vuitton


Also today I was at some kind of a meeting in Miu Miu.It was really amazing cause in my casual day I will never have even a thought to go there because I always think that my clothes and face will show that    I do not really have a possibility to buy something there)But now I had an occasion and I fully could admire this magnificent clothes,I adore Miu Miu)
After we were in MARCCAIN and honestly the clothes there in comparison with Miu Miu was not really beautiful but the food was tasty)I ate plently of my favourite macaronis)
Here some photos of Miu Miu clothes

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