Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!Such an amzing holliday!Hope you will have an amazing day&night!I wish you all the best!Hope all wishes that you will made this night comes true!Thank you very much for reading my blog and supporting me!It means a lot to me!
Finally, I decided to celebrate NY with my friend!We will have a great time!
Happy NEW YEAR!)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


The New Year is coming but I still don't know where to celebrate it)I am so irresolute)Oh,how I hate my university that is situated in the forrest!I need aprox one and a half hour  to get there !And also the building is not heated so it is really cold there!I even don't know where is colder there or outdoors!You just can see the line of people who want to stand near one small heater!)funny spectacle)
After quitting from Grazia every day I come from the university,put on my cosy home jumpsuit and just go to sleep)Haha,I am like an amoeba but so relaxing)

sweater-massimo dutti,shirt-zara,pants-oysho)haha again full in inditex brands and uggs

I downloaded on my Ipod a new app called  White Xmas)It is awesome)You can add snowfall to every photo)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

merry christmas!

Merry Christmas! Wish all your dreams come true! I adore catholic Christmas and like I already have told you I dream some day to celebrate it in Europe or in the USA!
In Moscow each day becomes colder and colder)It is really chilly!
All city is ready for New Year!It is nice decorated!Here is the photo of my favourite New Year tree in Moscow)

My window is also decorated with the small tree with lights!So if you want you can always recognize my window)

As the weather is cold I put all warm clothes that I  have in my wardrobe)But honestly it doesn't help me)

Friday, 23 December 2011

pleasant things

Before quitting the job in Grazia I got some new cosmetic from the beauty department!It is so cool that aprox every 3 months they hand round the cosmetics and you can write your own wishes about what do you want to get!So I wrote that I want a Givenchy new perfume and I got it!)Also they gave me some other things!Here are the mascara,nail polish,lotion,eye liner)It is so cool to get these presents!)I was really happy that day)

Also we went shopping today and I saw this nice sweater in Topshop!Haha I think we need to put it on and go to London!)It will exactly ensure the success

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Today I quit from my practice in Grazia magazine,everything was amazing, it was a great opportunity for me and it was the first step in reaching my goal. So now I have two last days and then I am totally free)After session I hope to find something new but now I need to concentrate on my studies)
Here my look a day ago)

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Finally,the evening of Saturday,best time because you don't need to do anything)Now I am just wrapping myself in a warm rug and watching The Bridget Jone's diary second part)I like this movie)Today my friends and I again went to Starbucks,it is so cosy there)And after we went to the shopping center,sales are starting and there are so many things to buy but because now I need to save up some money for my parents' presents and my trip to Dresden I don't buy anything)just watching)kinda stupid,I know))

Friday, 16 December 2011

New Year wishes

Christmas is coming but unfortunatelly it is only a catholic holiday and we have firsly New Year and only then Christmas but to be honest this holiday is not so important only if for real believers.I have never loved New Year very much because I always had the same problem every year!Where to celebrate it?And in the end I went with my parents to our country house and we had a real family holiday)But to be honet it is a little bit boring)but not so bad)So this year nothing changes)
Also what I do not like in New Year that for us it is not so huge like Christmas in Europe or in the USA as we dont have garlands and new year trees everywhere and the most important thing that you cant feel the spirit of this holiday!But anyway giving presents to your friends and parents it is a real pleasure!)
Today we had an amazing evening with friends!It was awesome to see them!It is amazing that we are friends since school)
 Haha!This is a photo of me with and without red lipstick!)So I advice everyone to buy it for New Year!It is cool)

I know that it is kinda stupid but I made some wish list for New Year)I love to do this stupid things!)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

men's shoes

One of the trends of this and previous seasons is men's boots!We saw the bright Prada boots everywhere! Now offers you a wide chise of boots!So don't miss a moment to buy amazing boots  at a not really high price)I think that they will make you stylish,bright and unique)

My favourite with neon pink sole

Friday, 9 December 2011


I am so happy!We found a job in the USA!We will be working all summer in Pennsylvania in the city that borders with New York!and it is only 2 hours to get there!We are going to work in the Woodloch resort it is some kind of a family holiday!
Also we want to stay in New York for all september instead of education))My dream soon will come true!)
I even can't now think about my education in the university because I am incredibly happy!
Here my look some days ago in my lovely new coat with leather sleeves from Germany

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


After a week in Europe it is really hard to get accustomed to you ordinary life here!)Again get up at 6 then university-work-home and the day is over)All my friends now are on the study course abroad or just going to go and I can't go somewhere even really want so we decided to go to the USA this summer and finally visit NY,may be this summer one of my dream will come true)We are planning to stay in the USA for aprox 4 months)So I m sure it will unforgettable so now I just hope that everything will succeed)


Thursday, 1 December 2011


We had a luck to stay there for a day!It is nice city,most of all I liked the spirit of Christmas!There were millions amazing fairs!Where you can buy whatever you want for Christmas,eat delicious food like german sausages or tasty sweets,drink some hot glintwine(mulled wine) and also just spend a great time!
It was really hard to leave Europe(