Sunday, 24 June 2012

having good time

As we are working a lot I don't have photos but when I do them I will always show you some)

Friday, 22 June 2012

Paradise in VS

When we tell the americans that we don't have peanut butter, Oreo or Victoria's Secret they just ask us how do we live without these things? So now we have a lot of oreo(cookies, ice-cream and etc) and PB&J( sandwiches  with peanut butter and jelly) and some days ago we finally visited Victoria's Secret shop! We spent there for an hour just walking, smelling and looking) And the prices are not really high) Now we bought not much but I am sure that It was not the las time I were there))

Monday, 11 June 2012

instagram from Woodloch

as has told you already we spend all our free time near the swimming pool, here are some photos from my instagram

This is our uniform!It is a funny story how we couldn't start our job as there were no sizes for us as here we are too skinny!I really can't believe it))
The white shirt is for dinner and red for lunch and breakfast

Sunday, 10 June 2012


I  would like to tell you a few words about the resort where I work now and will work till 3th of September. Woodloch is a hotel or resort with a huge territory, the most part of it is forest  that's is why it is ok to meet squirrel, chipmunk or deer while you are having a walk, everybody also telling us that we wil surely meet some bears,haha I am so excited)) Also here is a huge lake where you can swim and two swimmong pools where we spend all our free time)
People are so nice here and guest always very friendly I have even already got my first tips, 10 dollars)
All in all, everything is really good!
some photos from here
Good night)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


THE USA!NEW YORK! Yes, finally I am here, Actually now I am in Hawley , the city where I gonna work but anyway I had an hour  in the city of my dream! And will come back there as soon as possible! We still can't start our job as they do not have the uniform for us and guess why??!!Because for them we are to skinny!! I am too skinny how is it possible!But I think that soon I will change this situation as they have a such great variety of food!For free we good so many different cereals also we bought a lot of ice crem and can eat our favourite cookies oreo!
So this is my first post from here but later I show you more!