Wednesday, 29 February 2012

street style Milan fashion week

So one of my favorites blogs has a new post with the photos of the street style from Milan fashion week 2012/2013 and I can't not to show you these pictures because they are so bright and stylish and I am sure that you will enjoy them)I love this flower prints,neon colors and funny shoes)
as usual if you want to go to this blog you need just to click on the name of the post!)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Victoria Prokhorova

Victoria Prokhorova is a young Russian fashion designer, one of debutants of CONTRFASHION, received the grant from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia for participating in this season Autumn-winter 2012-2013. Her beautiful headdresses, dresses and accessories are  for girls who don't like to merge into the crowd and who aren't afraid of attracting attention of others. These girls don't afraid to experiment, trying on vanguard looks.
 The new collection of Victoria Prohorova isn't absolutely realistic as she combines some styles: grunge, punk rock, glamour,  gothic style and even ethnica. Feminine silhouettes, dresses with trains, puffy short skirts are combined with heavy metal thorns, leather and chains.
In a new collection black color will  be the main  which will contrast with red and silver colors.Also to achieve impressive images models will have a bright creative
 make-up, loud coiffures and even body art elements.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


So today I want to tell you about my new internship)and it is where?It is in Harper's Bazaar!)I was so excited to go there!Some months ago they offered me a job(finally i got an answer on my letter( one of million)) I really wanted to accept it!!It was like a job of my dream!But unfortunatelly because of my "favourite" university I had to decline the proposal!So now I am an intern there and I am very happy)Today I already missed my university with the most important classes)But I hope that I will figure it out)
Unfortunatelly I don't have any new looks for you to show!But as I suppose everybody knows now there are fashion weeks all over the  world and I want to show you one of it-girls of the USA-Olivia Palermo!I do really love her style very much!I have never seen her unstylish!)Her clothes is always perfect!)I advice Moscow it-girls to follow her example)Here are some of her looks from fashion weeks autumn winter 2012/2013
And I will go to watch burberry show that you can find on their website!)I do it every season and it so real that sometimes it seems to me that I am there)But it is only a dream)

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Some days ago I got a few invitations to the cinema where Audrey Tautou was presenting her new movie "La delicatesse",means tenderness.I always was loving this actress because of her movies  "Amelie" and "Hors de prix" and others!In real she is so cute!She is very beautiful and stylish(french chic)!It was so weard firstly to see her in real and then in the movie!I didn't see the whole movie because I had a meeting with my friends but I'm sure that when it comes out in the cinemas I will watch it because it is nice and funny)
Do you like Audrey Tautou?Which movie is your favourite?)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Russian Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia Autumn-Winter/2012-2013 season will take place in Moscow from 21st to 25th March. It will be in the same place - WTC Congress Centre, and the number of participants considerably increased, because of talented young designers and foreign celebrity names. The first day of Fashion Week will be devoted to the legendary Slava Zaitsev, who in 2012 celebrates a half-century anniversary of his creative work.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia takes the important place in the world of fashion events calendar, along with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York. 21st of March starts a new season of the largest East European Fashion Week, which was known as the Russian Fashion Week. For the Russian fashion this season will be really symbolic and major, because this spring Slava Zaitsev celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of his creative work, the designer ,who became not only a legend of Russian fashion, but also the first Russian designer of the second half of last century, who became famous all over the world.Today, the designer is still energetic and full of revolutionary ideas, that he will show in his new collection, that will mark the beginning of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia Autumn-Winter/2012-2013. The entire first day of Fashion Week will be devoted to Slava Zaitsev. The participants, guests of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia and his pupils will congratulate the designer. The best students of the “Fashion Laboratory” on the runway will show the works devoted to the beloved teacher.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia will be continued by the top fashion designers: Tatiana Parfenova, Viva Vox, BESSARION, Dasha Gauser, Yulia Nikolaeva, ChistovaEndourova, Oleg Biryukov, Hakam, Tegin, BORODULIN'S, Elena Suprun, LEONID ALEXEEV, YeZ by YEGORZAITSEV, POUSTOVIT , Lena Tsokalenko, Lena Karnauhova and other leading designers. But on the Fashion Week will be not only well-known leaders of fashion industry but also talented newcomers. Their collections will be presented on the runway and also in presentations.

Foreign programme of Fashion Week is traditionally keeps the intrigue, but guarantees a visit to Moscow, no less brilliant foreign participants than last season, that had given the opportunity to see the collections of Costume National and Frankie Morello.The young European designers once again will show their works at WTC Congress Center . In addition, as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia will take place some exhibitions and conceptual special projects.Fashion Week parties also promise an unforgettable experience and performances of world celebrities.

All the news, schedule and live shows of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia you can find on

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

coming home

So today at 4 a.m. I came finally home after two flights)But I even didn't want to sleep because as I already had told you I went to sleep in Dresden really late and in Moscow it was even +3 hours)So today I got up at 5 p.m. and was just lying in my bed,eating a lot of sweets and doing nothing)
Tomorrow I need to go to the university but I can't actually imagine how I will get up at 6 o'clock!It will be extremely hard!But I am so excited to see my friends,hope that they feel the same way as I do)
When I came home there was a box from asos on my table!And there were my new boots with 13cm heel!Oh,now I will be really high!)Yep,it is very easy to fall but I hope I'll manage)
Also here is a photo of my new ship coat from Stefanel that I bought with 50% sale!I love it)Hope it will warm me here in Moscow cause it is very freezing outside)

Friday, 10 February 2012

last day

So today is my last day in Europe!We have a huge to do list for today)Hope to wake up tomorrow and don't be late for the plane)Yesterday we spent a nice day walking,shopping and eating different tasty food in the cafes)It is strange but Dresden is now full of snow sometimes it seems to me that I am not in Europe even)Also because of going somewhere aprox every day I go to sleep here when I wake up in Moscow!So it will be a little bit hard to get up to the university but actually it has never been easy))

Thursday, 9 February 2012

nice time

It is already the end of my trip to Dresden and I have just 2 days!That is a pity because I don't want to return to Russia at all!The thought of returning to my university and to my casual life kills me!But I'll try not to think about it this two days and just spend a good time with my friend!
Here are some things that I bought here!Not a lot as here are not so many awesome shops)
belt zara,nail polish -chanel(always was dreaming about)), t-shirt-sting

Saturday, 4 February 2012


so finally we were so brave to come out from our warm home to see some sights and to walk)Also we went to the Dresden gallery and it was exciting!Dresden is such a nice city with amazing architecture!