Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Want to show you an amazing new collection of Karl Lagerfeld for net-a-porter!You can find there a lot of casual clothes,some evening dresses and sequin collars!I love the shirts with the picture of the designer on it!And the prices are not very expensive for the clothes of the genius)
If you want to see all the collection you just need to press the name Karl

Monday, 30 January 2012


So no I am starting packing my things to Dresden.Hope it will be a nice trip but there is one problem!My friend decided to celebrate her birthday in the swimming pool!Haha,but my everyday fast food not positively influence on my body in the swimming suit))
Today I visited my friends from uterque!I always so happy to see them!It is a real pleasure!Also there are so many awesome clothes!I could buy it all!Here you can see an amazing leather jacket,boots and straw hat)the dress is mine)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

finally it's over

It is unbelievable but my session is finally over!I passed all the exams quite well so now I even will have a grant, so it is really  amazing!Today I was sleeping till 3 pm and now I can just relax without thinking of my lessons, it's awesome.Also as it is 2.5 years of my studing in MSLU and yesterday with my classmates we went to the bar to celebrate it!To be honest we don't gather together very often but yesterday was quite fun)In this informal atmosphere you can know people better)
Now I am preparing for my trip to Dresden to my friend!I really miss her and can't wait to see her)
As it was dark in the bar I couldn't take a photo of my look but today I tried to recollect it, so this is it)
I put on my jacket-mussimo dutti,top-asos,shorts-miss sixty and h&m silver necklace)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Joanna Hillman

Today I'd love to tell you about incredibly stylish woman-Joanna Hillman.She is a Senior Market Editor at Harper’s Bazaar in the USA.You can easily recognize her because of her invariable gorgeous platinum blonde hair with signature red lips and ray ban sunglasses.Joanna loves to mix luxurious clothes with cheaper brands also she mixes vintage clothes with new collections.I totally love her style!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

fell ill

Just my session had started and I fell ill! Happened it after I went to my friend's birthday to her country house!Everything was actually fine but on my way back I was so frozen!And I suppose that is the reason why now I am lying in my bed with temperature and coughing every minute!Well done)Hope everything will end soon and I can prepare for my exams.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

metal necklace

Everytime when I go shopping I always buy something useless!Now my friend wanted to buy some clothes and we decideded to go to the mall and of corse I couldn't do it  without sensless purchases.Aprox a month ago I bought an awesome metal necklace the problem was only that I wanted a gold colored one and there was only silver but I bought it anyway and now I found the gold one and I just couldn't not to buy it!So now I have both of them  on my shelf)Hurray!

 This is one of the outfits with this necklace

Friday, 13 January 2012

New Year's eve

Today my friend and I went to the cinema on the New Year's eve.It is quite a nice movie,definitely better than Valentine's Day)After we just spent a nice time in the cafe drinking some latte and chatting)