Monday, 9 December 2013

New Year wish list

As always before some holiday I would like to make the wish list of presents) So probably somebody could use it to find either a present for someone or for yourself haha))
And I gonna be waiting for my Santa Claus to come with the miracle :D

1) First of all, I would like to mention  the brand Au jour le jour! I'm madly in love with their prints! I wish i could have all of their clothes))
Blue jersey sweatshirt with Lips & Kisses print

2) Have you ever seen the Three Floor dresses? They are so amazing! It is totally 3 in 1: sensitive, sexy and gorgeous! So if you still havent decided what to wear for the New Year, it can be a perfect variant)
Some of the models you can find on Asos and ebay

3) People who are following me on Instagram, saw some posts about Balenciaga and Givenchy boots so now I found the perfect Sandro boots, the combination of the best from that two pares! They are new it-boots who cant afford the well-known expensive ones!! Sandro doesn't stop to be my dream brand #1!! 
P.s. they are sold everywhere! so pretty hard to find here, in Moscow...

4)Now back to my favourite Asos! They are so many things that I want to buy)) I dont actually order it all but my Carriage is always full haha, so here are my favourite things

In love with boyfriend style clothes, and this ASOS Slouch Coatigan

As every girl I do love the pretty bijoux
and this Gogeared bracelets and necklaces are very nice, so simple and sensitive, they can be a real special present for your friends or relatives

Also check out the French brand Agatha, it is nice as well Agatha

5) Totally in love with this lace lingerie
No push up but very sexy

6) And Finally the present that I want most of all for myself!
Cute little puppy!! I miss having a dog... My dog was an important part of my life and I feel a little bit lonely! Hope someday I'll fulfil it with a new cutie :)

Happy New Year everyone and Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

DELF exam

I was studing French almost for 5 years, actually it is my first language in the University, however, the level is much worse than English )) And 2 months ago I decided to pass the Delf exam ( it is like IELTS in English), yesterday was the day X! I was terribly nervous but everything passed very smoothly, especially my oral answer to 2 French men, haha, we were discussing couples at work! Can't wait for the results in two weeks))
 Now I definitely can start to write my diploma thesis and make some preparations for New Year ;)

asos sweater