Wednesday, 30 November 2011


OMG!I have some much to tell you about!Firstly,it is wedding!It was at the same time amazing and sad because it was really hard to believe that the person with whom you were growing up was starting a new life and getting married!I was cring like a child!The wedding was in Poland in the city-Poznan.It is a quite and really nice city!We came there in a day before wedding and were preparing it,it was exciting!The whole wedding was awesome!We had a really great time!Wish love and happiness to the newly married couple!)

this boy won my heart!He was very cute!

I was wearing my black dress from uterque) little black dress always saves me )

Saturday, 26 November 2011


Hi from amazing wedding of my close friend or sister!!it is online)

Friday, 25 November 2011


So my long-long trip to the wedding has already started!Firstly,we took the train to Saint-Petersburg then on the bus we went to Finland and there we had a plane to Riga and after the plane to Warsaw,oh my god I'm already tired to tell you about all destinations!!)But it is not the end because the wedding will be in Poznan.In Warsaw we met our relatives whom I had never seen!It was really nice to find aprox 15 new relatives in one day!)And then we had a train to Poznan!To be honest,yesterday I was really exhausted!But today everything is amazing!We were walking and communicating all day long with our friends actually whom I can call relatives as we are really close!And now we are planning the wedding!Hope evrything will be fine!Wish me luck!Tell you everything later!)
Here are the photos from SPB,the christmas and new year are already everywhere)


coat-zara,scarf-uterque,boots-pollini,bag-gap,hat-global,gloves-michael kors

Monday, 21 November 2011

Versace for H&M

Thursday was the first day when the new collection of Versace for H&M came out,it was one more famous designer who worked for this Swedish brand.To be honest,It is really cool when just an average person can afford this luxury and can be closer to the world of high fashion.
This collection was really bright and exciting!Firstly,I didn't want even to go to the store that day cause I remember the sale of Lanvin collection and it was a really crazy!All collection was bought up in an hour,there was  real buying fever!That is why I asked girls with whom I am working in Grazia to buy me what I want beforehand,but to my great suprise when I came to the store at 3pm there were not so many people and the collection was quietly hanging on the pegs.
This time I bought only a bracelet but there were really beautiful dresses.I liked black&leather collection and also bright skirts that would be nice with simple white shirt)
So here are some pictures)

Saturday, 19 November 2011


Today we watched a wonderful film "Anonymous"!It made me reconsider the all creative work of William Shakespeare.I have never thought about the life of this author as at school our teachers have never told us about something wrong about it,everything was just ok,the author is W.Shakespeare and it was just the fact and even when somebody started to tell me smth that everything is wrong and that the author of all this masterpieces just couldn't be W.Shakspeare  as he was uneducated and didn't even know how to write I was just considered that it is some kind of a bullshit!But now,after watching this movie I am really thinking about this story and can really believe that the real author was not well-known William Shakespeare.

Here is my look today)Before movie we went to the starbucks and drunk some christmas latte with carrot cake)mmm,delicious


Thursday, 17 November 2011


Very often in Grazia we are taking clothes from different shops and after go to photo studia where we are shooting this splendid clothes.This time there was clothes of Dolce&Gabbana,YSL,Louis Vuitton,Salvatore Ferragamo,Chanel,Emporio Armani,Barbara Bui and etc.Here some photos))


Louis Vuitton


Also today I was at some kind of a meeting in Miu Miu.It was really amazing cause in my casual day I will never have even a thought to go there because I always think that my clothes and face will show that    I do not really have a possibility to buy something there)But now I had an occasion and I fully could admire this magnificent clothes,I adore Miu Miu)
After we were in MARCCAIN and honestly the clothes there in comparison with Miu Miu was not really beautiful but the food was tasty)I ate plently of my favourite macaronis)
Here some photos of Miu Miu clothes

Friday, 11 November 2011

push up

What a pleasure to live alone for some days!Quiet home,nobody crying,everything is fine)
Also want to say about amazing collection in calzedinia!Leggings and tights push up)So now you don't need any diets and can eat whatever you want cause your clothes will hide your fat!)

No parents means a little mess)
here the photos of my room)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

cold here

Tuesday is my favourite day in the week!Not at university actually but in the evening I can just relax with my favourite serial Gossip Girl)Cant imagine better life that they have)
 also in Moscow it is really cold already so I bought some warm equipment)

Also found some McQueen clutches!They are adorable)