Saturday, 30 July 2011


Some days ago we were in Nesebar!It is an ancient town and one of the major seaside resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.Its abundance of historic buildings promted UNESCO to include Nesebar in its list of World Heritage Sites. It is very nice small tourist city with lots of small streets where everyone can find a lot of shops and cafes)

This is my friend Polina who magnanimously invited me to her home in Bulgaria)
shirt-market in the Crimea,shorts-LTB,sunglasses-ebay,sandals-Miu Miu

Sunday, 24 July 2011

passion for Christian Louboutin

Sitting home watcing skins on mtv and watching I remembered about my love to Chtistian Louboutin's shoes!This gorgeous red sole what can be better??!I always was dreaming about Bianca but today I saw this amazing model and really fell for it!So now I need to go on hunger strike and fast for a year and they will be mine)But I think they are worth this sacrifice!)

sunny paradise

Hi from Bulgaia!It is really cool here!Hot weather,amazing sea,cool company and lots of place for getting a tan!What else could I wish!)haaaaaave fuuun!

dress-victoia's secret

Thursday, 21 July 2011

sea again

Tomorrow I will go to Bulgaria to my friend's house and I will be there for 10days)finally warm and sunny weather and amazing sea)
But I am not  sure that I will have the internet there so may be I will show the photos later)
Also today I heard that in France and in Paris as well has been a heavy fall of snow and even the excursions to the Effel Tower are suspended!Hope in august the weather will be fine!But also I am sure that  no weather can spoil our trip to Paris!)Can't wait for this wonderful month in this charming city!)


A month ago I bought on ebay some studs and I wanted to make studded shorts but honestly I am not a big lover of shorts cause I think they do not suit my figure,unortunately(of course it is my fault as I have a sweet tooth)so I fastened them to my casual black jeans)Look what I got!

Monday, 18 July 2011


Some days ago my friend and I went to the movie Harry Potter and as I suppose everybody knows that it is the last part of the saga.Lots of people were grown on these books and the premiere of the last movie,of the last part means a lot for millions of people it is a great event for them.Actually I am not a real fan of Harry Potter and I read only 4 books(shame on me)) but everytime when the movie comes out I always watch it and I do really like the last part and think that it is worth watching!)
Also I was shocked when I saw the crowd of fans!There were so many fans and they were all in the clothes of there idols from the movie!Furthermore,they all were of different age(from 5 to 70)!
This is my friend also a real lover of Harry Potter)

This is what I put on that day)It is just summer casual look

top-asos,shorts-zara,sandals-miu miu

After the movie we went shopping and when we came to the h&m store and there by accident I saw a dress from h&m conscious collection actually I didn't even hope to see it somewhere as as I remember I read it was in the shops long time ago(in april) and as I think that this collection is really gorgeous so it was bought up  in a flash)But if you are really interested in it you can watch it on ebay!I advice you to do it as it is very nice I do like the shorts and some dresses from it)
This is one of them
These shorts are from oysho but they look like the shorts from the h&m conscious collection)I consider them as cute shorts)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

summer looks

Yesterday I was on the ballet "Swan Lake" and I really did like it)to be honest I didn't like mens' dances but women were adorable)Of course  I am not a professional but it is just my point of view)
Also on my macbook I found some june looks)I really like one of them because it is so bright and it really cheers me up!)

trousers-oysho,top and bag-asos,jacket-zara,sunglasses-ebay

dress-naf naf,flats-marc jacobs,earrings-h&m

Monday, 11 July 2011

high fashion

I want to share with you cool website there you can find different amazing photos from fashion shows and photos of street fashion all over the world!I really liked this website,surely will add it to my macbook's marks!)
There are some photos from this website
Of course I couldn't not to add the photos of stylish Miroslava Duma and Olivia Palermo!I do really like their style)Also there are some other photos of stylish people)enjoy)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Jane's Birthday

On 1st of July was a Birthday of my old friend-Jane or I call her Osta)don't be offended cause I do really love you)And yesterday we were in her country house celebrating this event!We had a really great fun!Thank you very much for everything,darling and Happy Birthday)
This is what I put on

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Finally I came home from my Ukrain trip!)It was really amazing!Here some photos from our 2days journey in Kiev!
This is our girl's team
I went away from Russia when there were no sales in the shops so when I came to Kiev I couldn't not to go to my favourite Zara!I really liked this two pairs of shoes)

Also in Kiev we walked a lot and we saw lots of picturesque places but when I saw this huge Chanel shop my heart really stoped!!I adore the last advertisement of Chanel(sure not with Blake Lively),it is on the last picture)

Next are to my looks for the opera and just for walking)
We saw the opera "Norma" it was on Italian and I liked it very much!I even started to cry)

this is my lovely dress from zara)

The building with the advertisement of  magasine L'Officiel with Vodianova
At the end two photos of our awesome company!)Thank you guys for a good time)