Sunday, 30 October 2011


Yesterday I was at the presentation of the book "Irreverent" by Carine Roitfeld. Also there was Aliona Doletskaya which was asking the writer of the book different questions and of course as well there was all russian society.I did really like the presentation as I always was admiring  Carine Rpitfeld cause she was not only an amazing editor of French Vogue but also a wonderful stylist and I like her own some kind of a"dark" style)
Of course there was Dasha Zhukova as everything was in her center "Garage".And I liked the way she was dressed!So colourful and tastefully!
And also I d love to say thank you to our russian disigner Gosha Rubchinskiy who invited me there!Thank you!It was a real pleasure)Of course,to be honest I regretted that I couldn't take somebody with me because  I didn't know anybody there and I felt a little ill at ease!)But everything was ok)thanks again)
Here some photos)

I put on my zara shirt,asos skirt, topshop boots and uterque bag
Anyway how as though I didn't try to dress stylish everybody was looking better than me)They are so well-groomed)

Friday, 28 October 2011

fashion show

Yesterday me and my frinds went to the fashion show of Kira Plastinina to watch her collection LUBLU(need to tell Grazia thanks for the tickets!))To be honest I have never been a real fan of Kira Plastinina I even have not a single clothes)But I just can say that there are some nice things in her collection Lublu(like leather shorts from her previous collection)but the price is too high.Yesterday the show was not bad,actually I am not a good judge)I adore pleated skirts but here I saw them again and too much...nothing did really impress me. One more word about this horrible old-fashioned heels!But again I am not a professional!This is just my own point of view!All in all collection was nice!Liked yellow maxi dress)Thanks for the show,Kira!)
Here are just a few looks

The main sensation of the evening - a doughter of famous Mick Jagger,Georgia Jagger,she is really gorgeous!And also there was Miroslava Duma!I adore her and her sense of style,she is so cute!)

And finally here we are!)Not daughters of Mick Jagger but not so bad also)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

a little part of Paris

I always remember our summer trip to Paris because it was really amazing!I had a great time there)And I always have a little part of this city with me)This is a little pendant that bought me some guy there.It is some kind of a trinket but I do love it!So yesterday I again remembered Paris because in the shop I saw my favourite macaronis!They are pretty expensive but I couldn't resist)They are worth it)
What about news?Everything is actually the same!Have a good time in Grazia,last Thursday we have a nice party in LV shop)I drank a lot of champagne so I was happy and had a good time)
Here some photos of me in the LV party day)
I put on my ruffle Ralph Lauren blouse,Lafayette cardigan and asos skirt

Sunday, 23 October 2011

popular shoes

Again found  my Chanel shoes in the Interenet!Now it is Vogue magazine!I don't deny their beauty but common!I want to be as popular as they are!)

And also I added more amazing photos from Vogue magazine

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

camel coat

Today was just a simple day that I spent in my "favourite" university!Tuesday is the hardest day in all week cause we have a lot of homework and difficult courses but at the end of the day the reward is waiting for me at home)it is my favourite serials like gossip girl,how I met yor mother and two and a half men)
This is my outfit that I had today)I suppose you still haven't seen this camel coat hope you'll like it like I do)


coat-zara,dress-h&m,belt-asos,scarf-uterque,gloves&bag-michael kors,shoes-carlo pazolini

Sunday, 16 October 2011


Decided to tell you about my new purchases!Finally,I got my lovely uggs that I ordered on Victoria's Secret web site a month ago!They are so soft and comfortable that I want to wear them all day long!)

Also I got from asos two rings one of them is long finger ring that is really gorgeous and the other is a simple gold ring but it so strange because I always order the size L and this time even L is small for me!!My fingers are enormously huge!)

And the last purchase is a hat from H&M!)I think that it is really trendy now!But when I put it on people always stare at me!Guys,stop please!)

Have nothing to do on boring courses)

Friday, 14 October 2011

chanel coats

Hi!I am still working in the Grazia magazine and every day I like it more and more!I already told you that we were shooting various amazing coats and today I ought to take two coats of chanel and go to the studio by myself!It was cool!Chanel is gorgeous as always I just wanted to grab it and run away!)Also today in our closet I saw the bag with a few pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes !!And you know how I admire them!

happy me)

Here one of the Chanel coats actually it is cape)
the buttons are very beautiful

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

street style Paris

Here some more photos of street style from Paris fashion week!I really admire these people because their style is inimitable and incredible!)It is a good example for imitation and also watching all these photos is a good inspiration for new stylish total looks)

*All photos are from