Saturday, 19 November 2011


Today we watched a wonderful film "Anonymous"!It made me reconsider the all creative work of William Shakespeare.I have never thought about the life of this author as at school our teachers have never told us about something wrong about it,everything was just ok,the author is W.Shakespeare and it was just the fact and even when somebody started to tell me smth that everything is wrong and that the author of all this masterpieces just couldn't be W.Shakspeare  as he was uneducated and didn't even know how to write I was just considered that it is some kind of a bullshit!But now,after watching this movie I am really thinking about this story and can really believe that the real author was not well-known William Shakespeare.

Here is my look today)Before movie we went to the starbucks and drunk some christmas latte with carrot cake)mmm,delicious


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  1. Sounds nice.
    I love Starbucks - looks so delicious!