Sunday, 30 October 2011


Yesterday I was at the presentation of the book "Irreverent" by Carine Roitfeld. Also there was Aliona Doletskaya which was asking the writer of the book different questions and of course as well there was all russian society.I did really like the presentation as I always was admiring  Carine Rpitfeld cause she was not only an amazing editor of French Vogue but also a wonderful stylist and I like her own some kind of a"dark" style)
Of course there was Dasha Zhukova as everything was in her center "Garage".And I liked the way she was dressed!So colourful and tastefully!
And also I d love to say thank you to our russian disigner Gosha Rubchinskiy who invited me there!Thank you!It was a real pleasure)Of course,to be honest I regretted that I couldn't take somebody with me because  I didn't know anybody there and I felt a little ill at ease!)But everything was ok)thanks again)
Here some photos)

I put on my zara shirt,asos skirt, topshop boots and uterque bag
Anyway how as though I didn't try to dress stylish everybody was looking better than me)They are so well-groomed)


  1. становись пч, отвечу взаимностью) ответ-в комментарий)

  2. Ты выглядела очень хорошо, мне нравится!

  3. Круто, очень сама хотела туда попасть.