Friday, 28 October 2011

fashion show

Yesterday me and my frinds went to the fashion show of Kira Plastinina to watch her collection LUBLU(need to tell Grazia thanks for the tickets!))To be honest I have never been a real fan of Kira Plastinina I even have not a single clothes)But I just can say that there are some nice things in her collection Lublu(like leather shorts from her previous collection)but the price is too high.Yesterday the show was not bad,actually I am not a good judge)I adore pleated skirts but here I saw them again and too much...nothing did really impress me. One more word about this horrible old-fashioned heels!But again I am not a professional!This is just my own point of view!All in all collection was nice!Liked yellow maxi dress)Thanks for the show,Kira!)
Here are just a few looks

The main sensation of the evening - a doughter of famous Mick Jagger,Georgia Jagger,she is really gorgeous!And also there was Miroslava Duma!I adore her and her sense of style,she is so cute!)

And finally here we are!)Not daughters of Mick Jagger but not so bad also)

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