Monday, 5 March 2012

zara&massimo dutti news

Hi,guys!Sorry that now I write so seldom because I have my study and internship and when I have a free time I am just so lazy even to turn on my computer)In my life everything is the same)I have my amazing internship that I love very much and people there are so kind and friendly to me!
In two weeks I will have my Birthday!I don't even know should I be glad or not as It will be amazing to get some presents)haha,but unfortunatelly I can't even to celebrate normally my 20th Birthday as now I have to keep to a budget after my trip to Dresden)
Last time I show you my looks very seldom!sorry!This is all because of cold weather in Moscow and I just can't take off my warm sweaters and cosy uggs)
But because of that I went to zara and massimo dutti and took some photos of nice clothes there!I really love various bright colors and also different patterns and of course the lace!)
My favourite color now is bright blue!It is so stylish)Also I love the new trend to wear clothes that remind the pyjamas(a adore the LV ones)

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