Friday, 16 March 2012

Happy Birthday to me

Yep!I am old now!Yesterday was my 20th Birthday!So thinking of my achievements I cant name a lot that is really sad!When I was 13 I thought that till 20 I will have an amazing job,studing in a good university,have a boyfriend and be a star!)haha)But indeed everything is so different and it depresses me(Yesterday I took some of my friends to the cafe and we had a great time)So Happy Birthday to me)

What a funny thing!That during a year I hardly ever put on this leather skirt but I always put it on my Birthday!It is the 3rd year already!And I do it unconsciously!
I was wearing leather skirt-asos,shirt-uterque,necklace-hm and my sheepskin coat-stefanel

This year I didn't get a lot of birthday presents as everybody now buys it through the internet and they are all late!Thanks to Russian post!))So I got a lot of flowers that I adore and a book of Coco Chanel.
This is some of the flowers)


  1. Happy birthday! It's amazing how much you always thought you'd have done, when you were younger! But you're still young - plenty of time!

  2. Приветик!Мне очень понравился твой блог)Приглашаю тебя к себе в гости, подписывайся, буду очень рада общению.

  3. Happy birthday sweetie!!
    There was some problem with the application GFC and I lost all of my followers!!
    Could you please go to my blog and follow me again? I'm still following you..