Monday, 8 August 2011


Finally,we reached our destination-Paris)It is the most amazing city that I
  have ever seen!So wonderful town and friendly people!I really adore this city!At first day we came really late so we just went to the shop and went to bad but the next day was really eventful)We went to the most important sight of this magic city-The Eiffel Tower!)It was cool!Then we went to the Triumph Arch and then were walking down the Champs Elysees with lots of shops.

This is Swarovski shop with gorgeous steps and I was ready to buy everything there)
The next day was a free entrance to the majority of the museums so we decided to visit the Louvre)The queue was aproximately 3 kilometres but we found the additional entrance and were there in 30 minutes instead of 5-6 hours)And walking there for 4 hours we were so tired that took the sandwiches and drinks in starbucks and were lying on the grass near Louvre and its enormously huge queue)

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