Thursday, 11 August 2011

encore Paris

Of course we visited the Notre dame de Paris as this is the most important and gorgeous monument of Paris also as it was a little bit cold we bought two hoodies with inscription "J'adore Paris" that really shows my attitude to this city)
In Paris we live in an amazing flat near wonderful Luxemburg garden!There is very biautiful,lots of french people come there to jog in the morning or just to have a rest and to think about something)
Yesterday we were in Rouen it is very calm city with impressive architecture!We were walking from 6 o'clock in the morning till midnight !We were really tired!
Today we decided just to walk)My friend bought today Iphone 4g that she has been dreaming long time ago so today we were celebrating this event with a bottle of French wine)

Also we ate  a real natural ice-cream !It was very tasty!

Also today we again looted the Gallery Lafayette)Here some things that I bought)
This is Lafayette black cardigan
A Ralph Lauren ruffled blouse that I really liked!I think it is gorgeous
This is cute sleepers for home from Etam)
And this black cowboy boots from some Italian shop-Minelli

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  1. привет, Дашуля) очень рада, что ты отлично проводишь время во Франции!) С удодовольствием читаю твой блог))) не знаю, где тебя можно застать, кроме как здесь, поэтому решила написать сюда( потом можешь удалить)))
    если у вас будет время, не могли бы вы узнать информацию про иностранцев, поступающих в Сорбонну...или другой французский государственный ВУЗ...поступление, степендии...
    может даже в магистратуру...
    п.с. такие красавицы...)))ах)))надеюсь, с французами уже общаетесь,как на родном)
    после прочтения можешь удалить)))