Saturday, 22 September 2012


Today is my last day of summer and I finally decided to overcome my laziness and to write a few words about my summer. It is hard to describe all 4 months in a few words and even in a million words, I just can say that this summer is hard to forget and the people whom I met I will always remember. With a lot of them we became really close and  the parting was all in tears.
Everything started in Woodloch, the place where we were working. We had a lot of parties all together and stories that will forever remain in our pocono house. All people there were really nice to us and our trips to the movie to Scranton I loved most of all)) At the end of August I was sick of the food and work but after the month outside this place I already miss it.

Next stop is Philadelphia for one day and Miami. Despite the fact that in Miami we were living in the hostel for 15$, we had a really great time! There was all slovak mafia and just two russian girl(Veronika and I). We had a lot of fun together)

Then we went to New York and spent there 5 days meeting our friends and walking around the city. At that time there was Mercedes Benz Fashion week and there were so many well dressed people. We were living right next to the Lincoln Center and every morning in Starbucks it was a real fashion show there)

After NYC we went to Los Angeles)We were living in the apartment of the sister of our sweatheart Spanish girl Barbara, later we found out that her sister is also a real sweetheart! I already miss them both so much! We had a great time in LA,visiting Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Studio Universal and Sony)It was awesome)

Our next stop is for one day in Vegas! It was uforgettable) Living in the hotel Bellagio seemed that we were living for one day in another perfect and luxurious word.

And then spending some time in LA we came back to New York and these 4 days here were really cool and and the same time very hard!Almost every day we were telling goodbye to somebody.And this is the worst part. At this sad note my perfect summer is officially over. One more day and I gonna be again in Moscow. Still not ready to come back, I wish I could prolong this summer )
Thank you everyone for such an amazing summer!

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  1. I am officially a super fan of your blog!! miss you so much girls! Wish you could have stayued in LA longer! From LA with Love xoxoxo Maria