Saturday, 21 July 2012

dream came true

New York, finally it is not only the dream but the reality))My friend and I went there for two days, I was waiting for these days for really long so now I can tell you something about them) We came to the city in the early morning and of course the first place where we went was Starbucks and it wasn't just a regular Starbucks it was situated in the Empire State building.

The weather in the city wasn't good as the first day it was very hot and then it was rainy but the next day was perfect!We were walking in the Upper East Side, Upper West Side(most of the time as there was our hotel) an Times Square, Broadway and etc. We found some cupcake cafe , it was so tasty! I took the peanut butter one and loved it very much!

Also for the lunch we went to the chinese restaurant where I ate my favourite sweet and sour chicken and next day we found an amazing pizzeria that is called Lazzara's and pizza and mozzarella are very delicious there! Later we found out that lots of newspapers and magazines gave it a good reference.
It is situated in a small side street near Times Square. 
During the summer there are a lot of tourists in New York. It is really crazy!

It is really weird but we didn't buy anything in New York, when we came back to Woodloch everybody was asking us what did we buy and when we said nothing they didn't believe us!)) Now there are a lot of sales in the city but as there are a lot of people and of course the new collections are so much better that we decided to save money for our shopping in september! I already decided to spend a lot of money in Michael Kors,Club of Monaco, DKNY, Ralph Lauren,VS and etc))

Also we visited M&M's store!It is so huge!I have never seen so many m&m's sweets in my life!))

The place where everyone who is found of fashion dreams to study)

Chuck's Bass hotel)hahah

Out trip finished by visiting Flatiron building and eating some frozen yougurt) Can't wait to come back here in September!))

Some more photos)

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