Friday, 13 April 2012


Sometimes I think that it is hard to find the university more boring than mine!Thanks god I have something to do on my internship!Now I not only help everybody in the editorial office but also help to choose clothes for different shootings,we go to Moscow's biggest market Tsum and take the clothes there.It is kinda fun)
Also for my mum's Birthday I bought her a ring of Michael Kors as it remains me Bvlgari ring about wich she was dreaming so I think it is a good replacement) And a few days ago my friends finally gave me my Birthday present it is Michael Kors watch about wich I was dreaming!They are gorgeous I'll truy to leave them till summer. And my last purchase is a hm marni collar!It was impossible to buy it in Moscow so I bought it through ebay)I think it is really stylish)