Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Moscow fashion week in Vogue UK

Russian Days
LONDON, Paris, New York and Milan may be the world's most famous fashion destinations, but renowned journalist Gianluca Longo explains why Russia is the industry's new style spot. Here, he reports from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia, which took place last week in Moscow.

"Russian fashion is evolving and taking its own stake in the international panorama. With many young fashion designers emerging, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Russia has become the starting point for many - giving new talents exposure to international press and buyers.
Russians love the luxury market, and - when in Moscow - it's extraordinary to see the number of expensive cars, designer and luxury jewellery stores, as well as the way the locals wear full catwalk looks. However, at Fashion Week, I found there was less bling and more character there than I expected - with looks fit for any Tolstoy heroine, as well as minimal, austere capes and playful dresses."
The best debut collection was by Dima Neu. Every look was strong in cut and material with some excellent menswear in the mix.
Julia Nikolaeva's show had a bohemian theme with oversized jackets, baggy trousers and floaty dresses. It was well styled, with woolly hats and fingerless gloves. 
Flower prints are a popular pattern in Russian traditional costumes and I liked the way Dasha Gauser used it for her clothes. 
The collars by Olga Shikhova were definitely the best accessories of the week - in patent, heavy silk or vinyl. 

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