Tuesday, 21 February 2012


So today I want to tell you about my new internship)and it is where?It is in Harper's Bazaar!)I was so excited to go there!Some months ago they offered me a job(finally i got an answer on my letter( one of million)) I really wanted to accept it!!It was like a job of my dream!But unfortunatelly because of my "favourite" university I had to decline the proposal!So now I am an intern there and I am very happy)Today I already missed my university with the most important classes)But I hope that I will figure it out)
Unfortunatelly I don't have any new looks for you to show!But as I suppose everybody knows now there are fashion weeks all over the  world and I want to show you one of it-girls of the USA-Olivia Palermo!I do really love her style very much!I have never seen her unstylish!)Her clothes is always perfect!)I advice Moscow it-girls to follow her example)Here are some of her looks from fashion weeks autumn winter 2012/2013
And I will go to watch burberry show that you can find on their website!)I do it every season and it so real that sometimes it seems to me that I am there)But it is only a dream)

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  1. That is such exciting news! I am so happy for you! Love the pictures. Olivia is amazing!