Friday, 16 December 2011

New Year wishes

Christmas is coming but unfortunatelly it is only a catholic holiday and we have firsly New Year and only then Christmas but to be honest this holiday is not so important only if for real believers.I have never loved New Year very much because I always had the same problem every year!Where to celebrate it?And in the end I went with my parents to our country house and we had a real family holiday)But to be honet it is a little bit boring)but not so bad)So this year nothing changes)
Also what I do not like in New Year that for us it is not so huge like Christmas in Europe or in the USA as we dont have garlands and new year trees everywhere and the most important thing that you cant feel the spirit of this holiday!But anyway giving presents to your friends and parents it is a real pleasure!)
Today we had an amazing evening with friends!It was awesome to see them!It is amazing that we are friends since school)
 Haha!This is a photo of me with and without red lipstick!)So I advice everyone to buy it for New Year!It is cool)

I know that it is kinda stupid but I made some wish list for New Year)I love to do this stupid things!)

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