Tuesday, 27 December 2011


The New Year is coming but I still don't know where to celebrate it)I am so irresolute)Oh,how I hate my university that is situated in the forrest!I need aprox one and a half hour  to get there !And also the building is not heated so it is really cold there!I even don't know where is colder there or outdoors!You just can see the line of people who want to stand near one small heater!)funny spectacle)
After quitting from Grazia every day I come from the university,put on my cosy home jumpsuit and just go to sleep)Haha,I am like an amoeba but so relaxing)

sweater-massimo dutti,shirt-zara,pants-oysho)haha again full in inditex brands and uggs

I downloaded on my Ipod a new app called  White Xmas)It is awesome)You can add snowfall to every photo)

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  1. I hope you figure out your plans soon! That sweater is such a pretty colour!