Monday, 12 September 2011

NY fashion week

New York fashion week is in full swing now!Lots of designers already have shown their collections.Today also will be the show of my favourite american designer-Michael Kors!)wish him good luck!But now I do not want to write about collections)About them we will talk later)Yesterday I was watching the street style photos from New York fashion week!And they are so amazing and stylish and cool!I even do not have the words to describe how I like this photos!I really believe that NY is one of the centers of fashion!Because now I can be sure that people there decidedly have an amazing taste of style!
Here are the photos from an amazing blog
Also I'd like to mention that  I adore the style of our russian it-girl Miroslava Duma!She looks really great!
 Hope someday I will go on fashion week!)I wish I were there...


  1. Love the pics! So inspired, so fashion... So NYC in this week!!!