Monday, 5 September 2011

couch potato

Decided to write you about the present that my parents made me when I came back from Paris)They always wanted to do smth in my room especially they were dreaming about changing my wallpapers)So this is done!)When I came home I saw a huge blooming cherry tree on my wall!I was shoked)But actually I thought it would be worse so now I even think that it is nice)

Also from Paris I brought this poster of the looks of different designers that were made for Paris FNO)
you can zoom it)

Again I am becoming a couch potato!Every day coming back from the university really early I just put on my home clothes,wrap myself in the soft counterpane and take very tasty ice cream then I turn on my macbook and lie watching some serials)It is really awful!But I can't do anything with myself!I am sure that now I just need to find some work and everything will be cool)Wish me luck with the searchings!)

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  1. don't worry, it's something that ALL uni students do- I did it like all the time, just became a part of my routine minus the ice cream lol, but the best series to watch are of course sex and the city, gossip girl, cougar town (for a laugh) and brothers and sisters for some drama!!!! Enjoy-like your blog too!