Tuesday, 31 May 2011

summer style

Today my article will cover the underground style(I will speak about Moscow))You know during the winter all people wrap themselves up in their fur coats,down-padded coats,that is why nobody could see what did they have under these layers and it was ok!BUT WHAT HAPPENED NOW?The weather just changed,It became warmer and now we can see all variety of colors,styles of tasteless clothes!I have a feeling that all year they were like in a prison of monotonous everyday life and now they just need to shine out with their unsuitable variegated and skintight clothes!

Today was a sunny warm day and I finally put on my maxi skirt)

skirt-Uterque,denim jacket-zara,top-asos,flats-marc jacobs

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  1. the skirt is very feminine. love the combo of denim+feminine

    Welcome :)