Sunday, 29 May 2011

sitting home

Today I sit  home and just doing my homework or sleeping!So I do not think that you want to know how my pyjamas looks like)That is why today i decided to tell you something about my bijouterie,drawings,favorite books and movies and other things)
This is my collection of rings!I must tell you that I do really love rings!
(accessorize,h&m,h&m,h&m,uterque,asos,ebay,h&m,h&m and the last is from London)
Also I love perfume i have some kind of tradition to leave a little in every bottle to remember the smell))It is weird,I know)I really love miss dior cherie and d&g №3
This is really old drawings but I love them)I have never been  a good artist

Always when I don't have anything to do I turn on some movies or just read the book.I have a  lot of my favourite movies there are: Breakfast  at Tiffany's with inimitable Audrey Hepburn,The devil wears Prada,Pride and Prejudice also I like the play of Leanardo DiCaprioand especially his movies:Shutter Island,Inception and The Departed.Also I really love different serials such as Gossip girl,How I met your mother,Two and a half,The big bang theory and I adore Saturday night life!)
What about the books.I love Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights. I love russian writers such as Dostoevsky,Tolstoy,Lermontov and others
My notebook as well shows my love to Audrey)

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  1. Вау! сколько колец! они потрясающие! тоже люблю кольца и разную бижутерию.... но пока мои запасы малы))))