Friday, 22 March 2013

Beautiful Italy

The whole my life I have been dreaming to visit New York, Paris, Milan but never Rome...Now I can definitely say that I was mistaken. I couldn't even imagine how nice is this city. It is not just a beautiful city with sunny weather but it is a huge historical monument where you can find prooves to it on every your step. Enormous quantity of churches, museums and historical places which cant be all see during one week, I think you need a month at least but it won't be enough anyway to fully enjoy and experience this city.
During my trip I visited Rome, Milan and small Bologna with it's famous university.
In Rome we tried to see as much as we could, during the week we got acquianted with its culture and  the majority of sights. From all the places I can distinguish such as well-known Coliseum,  huge St. Peter's Basilica and it's square, Church of Saint Ignatius, Trevi fontain, Popolo and Navona squares and  etc. Also I want to mention the market on the Fiori square where you can buy all the variety of pasta, oil, cheese, fruits, flowers and some other weird stuff.

 Btw, in love with my new MSGM coat!!

Also want to say a few words about Milan. It is a city which I have been dreaming to visit for a long time. Mostly because of it's enormously beautiful gothic cathedral, Duomo. It was majestic and gorgeous as I expected. Wish we could stay there longer as I am sure that one day is not enough for this city)

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