Monday, 5 November 2012


This Friday my friends and I went to the Halloween party wich was held in the design-zavod Flacon. Of corse the costume wasn't necessary but as it is Halloween I was trying to find something the last day before the party) I already have a t-shirt of a slutty girl but I was wearing it last year and the year before it) So I took some details from my waitress uniform and bought banal rabbit ears and this way i was wearing a costume of rabbit-waitress)) But it wasn't really matter) The night was fun. The first part we spent in the Flacon, dancing, drinking and talking to different people) and the second part me and some of my survived friends went to the bar where we spent the rest of the night) It was really awesome) Hope you all also had a great Halloween!))

some photos were on Instagram!) Follow me @dasharuchkina 

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