Wednesday, 9 May 2012

end of everything

Today is 9th of May, it is a great occasion in our country! Congratulations to all of my readers!
The name of the post today is the end of everything and I called it that way because now I have the end of my 3rd year of education and preterm session is so soon also I think that because of it in a week I'll quit my internship in Harper's Bazaar that was really amazing and I will be so glad to come back there next year, I got a lot of experience there!And finally every day my trip to the USA is closer and closer!And it makes me really happy!!
So this is a look some days ago)
my t-shirt and trousers-zara

 there is a bee on this photo!)ha-ha


  1. Amazing look, i love your necklace!

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  2. Lovely outfit sweetie :)