Monday, 18 July 2011


Some days ago my friend and I went to the movie Harry Potter and as I suppose everybody knows that it is the last part of the saga.Lots of people were grown on these books and the premiere of the last movie,of the last part means a lot for millions of people it is a great event for them.Actually I am not a real fan of Harry Potter and I read only 4 books(shame on me)) but everytime when the movie comes out I always watch it and I do really like the last part and think that it is worth watching!)
Also I was shocked when I saw the crowd of fans!There were so many fans and they were all in the clothes of there idols from the movie!Furthermore,they all were of different age(from 5 to 70)!
This is my friend also a real lover of Harry Potter)

This is what I put on that day)It is just summer casual look

top-asos,shorts-zara,sandals-miu miu

After the movie we went shopping and when we came to the h&m store and there by accident I saw a dress from h&m conscious collection actually I didn't even hope to see it somewhere as as I remember I read it was in the shops long time ago(in april) and as I think that this collection is really gorgeous so it was bought up  in a flash)But if you are really interested in it you can watch it on ebay!I advice you to do it as it is very nice I do like the shorts and some dresses from it)
This is one of them
These shorts are from oysho but they look like the shorts from the h&m conscious collection)I consider them as cute shorts)

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