Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Now I'd like to show you the bags that I really liked in the last seasons)

1st it is a Celine Boston bag.It already has become an it-bag all over the world!And I do really like it too!You know,when I was working in the shop this year and our clients were always really rich pepople and maybe twice I saw this bag!I adore it!When I saw this bag I run up to my friends-colleagus and was crying:"Look,this is my favourite bag!!I like it!)))"

2nd is a find of this season it is The Cambridge Satchel Company bag of really bright colors!I think that in this season it is an "integral part" of the wardrobe of every girl who loves fashion)Also it is not very expensive and on  the top you can engrave your initials(like on LV bag)
Also it is no mere chance that I took a photo with this zara shoes as I also like them)To be honest I have never liked the shoes with "peaky cape" but this is an exception!)

And the 3rd bag is a cheaper variant than the Celine bag but also very nice is a Michael Kors Hamilton bag.This bag is not from this season bit I also can  label it as an it-bag)


  1. Уточни, что первая называется Celine BOSTON Bag :)